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CGMMV Rapid Test Kit

The Instruction for Colloidal Gold Reagent Strip of CGMMV Detection
Test Principle:
Colloidal Gold Reagent Strip is using NCM as carrier and utilizing the function of the microporous membrane’s capillary. Adding sample suspension buffer to the well of the reagent strip where the CGMMV sample suspension buffer transports to the other end .During the transport, the CGMMV sample suspension buffer combines with the monoclonal antibody of anti-CGMMV that labeled by the colloidal gold on the membrane .The antigen antibody combination complex transports to the detection line of GaMlgG Where presents red reaction line. The advantages of the colloidal gold reagent strip are simple, rapid ,peculiar, sensitive, easy to popularizing ,without special instrument and so on ,it is also widely used in human ,animals and plants pathogen detection.
Operation Steps: 
1.Sample Preparation: Putting the plant sample in the mortar after weighing. Adding into the 1XPBS at the ratio of 1:30-50(W/V, g/ml) .
Grind: Using the liquid nitrogen to grind seed sample into powder, then adding into 1XPBS to grind. Removing the homogenization buffer into centrifuge tube, 5000rpm centrifuges for 3min, or still standing for 5min.
2.Sample Application: Taking a reagent strip and flatting, using the straw to absorb the supernatant of the sample suspension buffer , adding 3drops into the well .
3.Observed Result: Observed the result within 5min, if it presents two red zones and determined as positive, if it only presents one red control plot zone and determined as negative. If the reaction line and the control line all present evenly unknown, or only the reaction line presents red zone and the control line presents nothing ,then determined the reagent strip invalid.
Matters Needing Attention:
1.Storing the colloidal gold reagent strip in dry hermetic bag, using it as soon as taking.
2.10XPBS formulation (1L): Na2HPO4·12H2O 29g,  NaH2PO4·12H2O 2.96g, NaCl 45g, pH 7.4
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