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MCMV Rapid Test Kit


Maize Chlorotic Mottle Virus (Sobemovirus). Virus structures: isometric single component particle containing single stranded RNA. The virus occurs in South Central Nebraska, North Central Kansas, and South America. How the pathogen survives and the primary source of inoculum is unknown. The virus is vectored by the larva and adult stages of certain beetles, including corn root worm.

Disease Symptoms

Hybrids and inbreds vary in susceptibility to MCMV. Early symptoms can be difficult to distinguish from nutritional deficiencies or corn genotype-environment interactions. As the disease progresses, leaf symptoms. Ears of severely affected hybrids yield poorly; kernel size and number are affected. Mixed infections of MCMV and Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus or Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus can result in the disease Corn Lethal Necrosis become pronounced.

Early Symptoms Nutrient Deficiencies
Genotype Environment Leaf Symptoms
Ears Kernal Size


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